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C R I S T I N A & D W A Y N E { W E D D I N G }

I can hardly believe how quickly the wedding season has picked up and that Cristina and Dwayne's wedding was already three weeks ago! These two are such a lovely couple together but they also have one of the kindest families I've ever met. I had the priviledge of photographing Cristina's sister's wedding about a year and a half ago so it was a treat catching up with their family again!

Cristina and Dwayne had the most beautiful ceremony and reception at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. We had the golf course to ourselves for a bit and got to take some photos with the small bit of green grass we could find in early March and I absolutely loved how they turned out! Their reception was absolutely beautiful as well from the white roses to the most adorable candy bar! Thank you Cristina and Dwayne for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous day - I loved every bit of it. Check out a few of my favorites from their special day below!

C&D-23 copy.jpg
C&D-21 copy.jpg
C&D-12 copy.jpg
C&D-15 copy.jpg
C&D-47 copy.jpg
C&D-45 copy.jpg
C&D-59 copy.jpg
C&D-112 copy.jpg
C&D-102 copy.jpg
C&D-122 copy.jpg
C&D-130 copy.jpg
C&D-138 copy.jpg
C&D-134 copy.jpg
C&D-155 copy.jpg
C&D-221 copy.jpg
C&D-208 copy.jpg
C&D-215 copy.jpg
C&D-170 copy.jpg
C&D-179 copy.jpg
C&D-178 copy.jpg
C&D-225 copy.jpg
C&D-245 copy.jpg

C&D-254 copy.jpg

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