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B E V E L L O { F A S H I O N S H O W }

There are few things I love more than photography, but fashion takes a close second. Getting to work with a group of talented vendors on the Bevello annual fashion show was such a unique experience. Located in the Cameron Village shopping center, Bevello offers women's fashion featuring the latest trends and is a personal favorite - so of course, I had to go shopping after taking photos ;) I was able to capture Bevello's promotion of it's new line of spring styles and can't wait to share below the new looks for 2015. Be sure to check out their store in Raleigh for the styles featured here!

Bevello-5 copy.jpg
Bevello-7 copy.jpg
Bevello-42 copy.jpg
Bevello-15 copy.jpg
Bevello-38 copy.jpg
Bevello-19 copy.jpg
Bevello-33 copy.jpg
Bevello-30 copy.jpg
Bevello-132 copy.jpg
Bevello-121 copy.jpg
Bevello-114 copy.jpg
Bevello-77 copy.jpg
Bevello-67 copy.jpg
Bevello-43 copy.jpg
Bevello-44 copy.jpg
Bevello-49 copy.jpg
Bevello-63 copy.jpg
Bevello-23 copy.jpg
Bevello-22 copy.jpg

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