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M E G A N & J E R E M Y { W E D D I N G }

Megan and Jeremy are good friends of mine as we grew up attending the same church and had overlapping friend groups - needless to say, their wedding was one gigantic reuinion of so many old friends coming together again! It really was an honor to be invited to photograph this day and I'm excited to finally post the full blog post and share all the beautiful details!

Their wedding was held at the Fair Barn in Pinehurst, NC - a gorgeous (and enormous) barn formerly used as a fair exhibition hall but now rented for special events. All of the details of the day came together beautifully - even the sun decided to come out in the middle of January. From Megan's polka dot dress to her cowgirl boots, this was a southern wedding through and through! Not only that, but this was one of the most moving weddings I've ever experienced. The hand of God was felt so strongly and it was truly a celebration that gave all glory back to the Lord. Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding though there are so many more I want to share :)

It's been an absolute joy getting to see the hand of God in their lives as these two have lived out their faith individually and now together as one. Megan & Jeremy, I'm thrilled for your future and wish the absolute best for your marriage. Thank you again for allowing me to be included in your special day!


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