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A L L Y { B R I D A L S }

I'm so excited to finally share Ally's bridal pictures!! She is seriously one of the sweetest girls I know and I'm so happy we got to expolore through the Merrimon-Wynne House to take these images a few weeks back. Oh, and photographers, if you ever have a bride with red hair you must photograph them in Merrimon Wynne-House. The blue colors in the walls were absolutely perfect against Ally's hair and the entire venue has the most photogenic rooms - so unbelievabley beautiful :)

Congratulations to the beautiful bride!!

Ally_Bridals-5 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-17 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-13 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-30 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-20 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-21 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-15 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-40 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-77 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-69 copy.jpg
Ally_Bridals-72 copy.jpg

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