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Okay so fair warning: Tonight's blog post is about to be a straight minute of me gushing about how much these two people mean to me...

I've been beyond blessed to have been raised by a mom and dad who love each other selflessly and faithfully every single day. They believe in and support me no matter what and I can't imagine the process of starting up my photography business without them by my side. Thank you mom and dad for watching every single slideshow and viewing my images before I send them off to clients, for your constructive criticism, loving support and helping me figure out how to form an LLC, pay taxes, and work with an accountant. Above all, thank you for believing in me when the stress of life clouds my vision.

Love you, Mom & Dad :)

So I dragged these two outside for 60 seconds a few weeks ago and took this shot that to me, echoes their relationship perfectly. Aren't they precious?!

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